What is a storytelling session?

A story-telling session is relaxed and comfortable, because the goal is to capture the beauty in your every day routines and experiences.  A story-telling session is right for your family if you cherish authentic moments and expressions, captured while you're just being you.  A story-telling session might incorporate still images, a film with fully licensed music, or both. 

Story-telling sessions are quite intimate, and because of that, I will spend time getting to know your family before your session.  I use questionnaires, and conversations via email and the telephone to get to know you in a way that helps to make your session successful.  I will concentrate on capturing your full story, which means all immediate family members should be prepared to participate.  Your story will only be authentic if everyone that is important to your daily life as a family is present. 

Sessions take place in your home, birth-setting, or perhaps a favorite outdoor location.  I will talk with you to assist you in selecting the most appropriate location for your desired session outcome. 

Photography and Film Session Pricing

Sessions are all-inclusive and include all immediate family members.  The price per session includes everything you see listed under your chosen session type.  There are additional options available to clients that book a full session.  Please see those additional options listed below. 



exclusive to babies up to 12-weeks of age; up to two-hour session in your home; up to 50 fully edited still images; online downloadable gallery

 {Fresh 48}


photographer on-call for your due-date and the weeks surrounding; up to one-hour session in your birth setting; up to 30 fully edited still images; online downloadable gallery



up to 1.5-hour session in your home, or at a mutually agreeable location; up to 50 fully edited still images; online downloadable gallery



up to 2.5-hour session in your home, birth-setting, or at a mutually agreeable location; up to 4-minute film carefully edited and set to hand-selected and fully-licensed music; up to 20 fully edited still images; all images and films delivered via online downloadable gallery and link


Additional Options

Customize your experience further!  Mini-sessions are short and separate sessions exclusive to clients who have booked a full session of any type within the last year.  Please contact me if you would like information regarding products for your home.

Maternity Mini


appropriate for expectant mothers and their spouse or partner; half-hour session in your home or at a mutually agreeable location; up to 20 fully edited images; online downloadable gallery

Family Mini


appropriate for a quick family update; includes immediate family only; half-hour session in your home or at a mutually agreeable location; up to 20 fully edited images; online downloadable gallery

Milestone Mini


appropriate for just baby at any interval up to and including one year of age; half-hour session in your home or at a mutually agreeable location; up to 20 fully edited images; online downloadable gallery

Additional Information

  • I have hand-selected a variety of unique products that I recommend for displaying your family artwork.  Please inquire to view samples and for specific pricing.
  • Custom package pricing is available!  Please inquire if you would like to create a custom package to suit your needs!  
  • To secure your session, a non-refundable retainer equal to half the session price as well as a signed client agreement is required.  The remaining balance shall be paid in full, 48 hours prior to your session date.  
  • Please note that a 55 cent per mile travel surcharge will apply to all sessions whose destination is further than 25 miles from the 48820 zip code.  Please inquire for a custom travel quote for sessions exceeding 100 miles.  
  • Prices listed are valid as of July 12, 2016, and are subject to change without notice.

Client Reviews



The newborn photos Karen took of our little guy were stunning!  I cannot say enough about her patience, professionalism, and genuine kindness.  I give Karen my highest recommendation, and look forward to booking her for my son's 6-month photos!

~Un Ju B.~



The newborn photos that you took of C and G were just exquisite.  We are so in love with our babies, and you captured that love and made memories for us that will last forever.  We cannot begin to thank you enough.  Our families raved about your work.  You are truly talented, and os many people are lucky to be the recipients of your gift.

~Megan A.~



The photos that Karen took of my newborn were absolutely beautiful!  Her talent and patience allowed her to catpure the most precious moments of our son.  Her communication before and after the session was wonderful, as she wanted to guarantee that we were 100% satisfied!  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking newborn photography.  

~Mandy B.~

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Studio?

I do not.  Simply put, people are the most comfortable when they're in their own homes.  I am seeking interactions that are authentic and true to your family, and therefore there is no better place to do that!  In addition, when it comes to siblings and newborns--it's a luxury to not have to worry about packing everyone and everything up for the day.  Nap times, meal times, and play times happen as they normally would, which makes everyone's day more relaxed.  As a natural-light photographer in your home, occasionally we run into a bit of trouble with available light due to weather.  I always communicate promptly with my clients several days prior to our session if it looks like the forecast calls for a dark or stormy day.  It happens very rarely, but I always leave ample time in my schedule for quick and easy rescheduling if necessary!   

Are you vaccinated?

I am fully vaccinated, including the flu vaccine.  While I support every family's choice to do what's best for them, I do feel it's important for me to do everything I can to ensure the safety of my tiniest clients.

What if our house isn't (xyz) enough?

Insert your favorite word here--big, clean, name it, I've probably heard it!  The most important thing is that we are able to find a beautifully lit space in your home to spend with your family.  I recommend making sure that areas such as the master bedroom, nursery, and living room are tidy.  By tidy, I just mean that clutter is kept to a minimum, and you tuck those laundry baskets in your closet.  No one will know, I promise!  This is your authentic life, not a perceived 'perfect life'.  You're inviting me into your home, and I want you to enjoy the experience.  I'll always let you know if we can make a minor adjustment that will make a big difference, and I always do so with respect for you and your home.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

I am able to accept payment online, or by check.  By paying online, you may choose to do so with your credit card, or by direct debit from your personal bank account.  If you choose to pay by check, I will provide you with a mailing address.  A non-refundable session retainer is required to book your session, and the remainder of your session fee is due 48 hours prior to your session date.  Payments for all print products must be paid in full before I will process your order.  

How Do We Schedule A Newborn or Fresh 48 Session?

For the best availability, I recommend scheduling Newborn and Fresh 48 sessions once you enter the second trimester.  Of course, you can always contact me if you've passed that point!  To book your session, a non-refundable session retainer and signed client agreement are required.  After that, we just wait for your baby to arrive!  Babies are famously unpredictable, so I leave ample time in my schedule for your session a few weeks before and after your due date.  Once your baby arrives, text me from the birth setting right away, and we will select a date for your session!  This point of contact is critical if you wish to have your baby photographed in the first 48 hours and as a true newborn.  Currently sessions are booked on weekday mornings.

How Do We Book Other Sessions?

If you choose to book a family session, or perhaps an add-on session, we will discuss potential dates for your session when you inquire.  Once we've determined my availaibility for your preferred date(s), a non-refundable session retainer and signed client agreement are required to book your session.  Currently indoor sessions are booked on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9am, with the occasional weekend session if necessary.  Outdoor sessions will be booked in consideration of proper lighting, dependent upon the time of year.

When Will We Receive Our Images?

Generally speaking, you will receive a link to view, download, and share your images within 15 business days after your session has concluded.  All additional products you select for your home will usually arrive within 2-3 weeks of placing your order.  I will always keep you apprised of approximate shipping dates when available to me, so that you can be on the lookout for your delivery.